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Emily A. Fisher, P.L.L.C. assists families located in Galveston County, Texas with divorce and family law matters.  Our attorneys are dedicated to helping individuals and families through difficult times with caring and competence.

Marriages May End, But Families Are Forever

Even when spouses divorce, they most often continue to maintain contact and some form of relationship for a period of time or even indefinitely.  The ex-spouses may continue to live in the same community and may find themselves attending the same events.  Especially where the marriage has produced children, it is important to maintain a relationship where the ex-spouses are able to communicate with each other and work out any problems with the payment of support, parenting plan issues or other concerns.  Life events will continue to arise, and if the former spouses can maintain civil contact, these times will be the positive, enriching experiences they are meant to be, rather than sources of stress and strife.  The way in which the divorce is handled can lay the foundation for the future relationship of the exes for a long time to come.

The Collaborative Choice

When the circumstances allow, our attorneys favor a collaborative approach to a divorce.  Collaborative Law is a specific route to a divorce which requires a commitment by both parties to work out their differences together without going to court.  Each party is represented by a trained collaborative lawyer who can facilitate an appropriate resolution and protect the rights of the parties involved.  Attorneys at Emily A. Fisher, P.L.L.C. have received specialized training enabling them to effectively handle a collaborative divorce.

Experienced, Compassionate Legal Advisors

Emily A. Fisher, P.L.L.C., formerly a partner in Martin, Garza & Fisher, L.L.P., a law firm which had been providing legal services to the people of Galveston County, Texas, since 1937.  The attorneys at Emily A. Fisher have a combined 40 years of experience practicing family law in the Galveston area.  As your lawyer, we protect and vigorously assert your rights to obtain the best outcome for your legal interests.  As your legal counselor, we provide a global perspective that helps you understand and balance your needs with what is in the best interests of your family.  Together, we will craft a solution that will help you through this difficult time and on to a brighter future.

While the bulk of our law practice concentrates on divorce and related issues, we also represent individuals and families in adoptions, paternity suits, the drafting of wills and trusts, and probate administration.

For assistance with a divorce, adoption, or other family law matter, contact the lawyers at Emily A. Fisher, P.L.L.C. for an initial consultation.

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